Ceramic Tile Factory

Garry & Tina’s tour of British Ceramics factory in Devon viewing how ceramic tiles are made from start to finish.


Traditionally shower trays are white in colour and come in standard sizes, but with Acquabella shower trays come in any RAL colour and virtually any size!

New Wall Tile

Wall Tile Ceramic – Grey 300 x 600 £34.68 Per Meter Square … Décor – Mixed 600 x 300 £6.30 Inc Vat


New Floor Tiles

Floor Tile Glazed Porcelain Grey 45 x 45 £49.50 Per Meter Square … Border 10 x 45 £28.36 Each  


New Tiles

Wall Tiles Ceramic – Black / White 500 x 200 £27.07 Per Meter Square Décor £3.12 Each